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MyServe Lite

A great fit for small and medium business accounts, MyServe Lite provides clients with a select group of feature best suited to their needs while keeping cost to a minimum.

Get agreat ROI while keeping it simple

Executive and Individual Reporting

Keep executives up to date with a monthly report that highlights areas of concern for wireless usage and costs. In addition individual employees are also kept up to date with their packages and usage.

HR Feeds and Journal Entry Reporting

Coding the wireless bill each month for payment can be a very time consuming monthly task. DMI can not only automate this report monthly, but can also give the ability to upload employee information on demand from the internal payroll/HR system.

In Month Data and Custom Alerts

DMI MyServe provides clear and easy to understand statistics on data usage. Pairing this with customized alerts for individual and pooled usage gives clients an effective way to monitor, adjust and cost code data charges.


No More Hedging. Buy the Correct Amount of Data

Data pools can be an excellent way to reduce total cost. However overage can be a costly issue. If you find that you need to buy more data than you need each month to ensure no overages you are spending too much. With DMI in month data alerting and extra data purchase recommendation, you never again will need to hedge.

No More Hedging. Buy The Correct Amount Of Data
No More Hedging. Buy The Correct Amount Of Data
No More Hedging. Buy The Correct Amount Of Data
Automated Alerts & Blocking
Automated Alerts & Blocking
Automated Alerts & Blocking

Automated Alerts & Blocking

Allow your team to setup automated alerts and blocking for high data offenders. No longer do you have to manually contact the carrier or end-user to monitor data.

MyServe Lite

Included Features

Business Intelligence

Utilize our global management tool to manage all your wireless carriers in one place.

Customizable Reporting

With the MyServe reporting system, create and schedule reports using our extensive list of columns and filters.

Journal Entry Reporting

Automate your mobility accounting with our accounting report engine.

Individual User Reports

Let end-users view their bill to allow them the visibility to see their charges.

In Month Data Pool Tracking

Monitor the data pool in month with predictive statistics to advise on if more data will be needed in a particular month.

In Month Data Alerts

Automated and customizable data usage alerts sent to individuals and managers.

In Month Data Block

Set limits for specific users or groups for monthly data usage, reducing the risk for large overages.

Executive Summary Report

Monthly governance report sent monthly to executive lever highlighting many areas of interest in an easy to use and interactive format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions for our solutions, if you don't see yours please get in touch.

Is training provided and is there a cost?

DMI provides ongoing training at no cost. We also have an extensive knowledge base.

Can data blocking be customized?

Yes. Blocking can be customized per individual, job type or group. We also provide predictive reporting on when users will be blocked alloweing you to be proactive.

Is the data usage in the system live?

The speed data is populated in our system is carrier specific. Data usage is populated at least once a day.

Is there a cost per login?

No. DMI allowes you to setup as many users in the system as needed for no extra cost.

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